Recovery after COVID-19 in the Therapeutic Isotope Industry

Lunch and Learn Event: “COVID Recovery and its Impact on the Therapeutic Isotope Industry”
February 4, 2021 | 2:30 pm ET

The SNMMI Industry Partners Satellite Symposium Series provides a forum for industry partners to directly address the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community.

Join a panel of industry leaders for a complimentary lunch and learn panel discussion: “COVID Recovery and its Impact on the Therapeutic Isotope Industry,” presented by SHINE Medical Technologies as part of the SNMMI Industry Partners Satellite Symposium Series. During this one-hour webinar, the panelists will discuss COVID recovery and its impact on demand, clinical trials, and supply chain within the therapeutic isotope industry, 

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Panel Discussion

  • Topic 1: Impact to demand
    • Approved therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
    • Pipeline therapeutics
    • Research stage
  • Topic 2: Impact to clinical trials
    • Patient recruitment
  • Topic 3: Impact to supply chain
    • Rush due to increase in need
    • Logistics
    • Transportation


John Sunderland, PhD Associate Professor and Director of PET Imaging (also in Department of Radiology), University of Iowa
Co-Chair of the Value Initiative R&D Domain

Panel Participants:

  • Phillip J. Koo, MD, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Joe McCann, PhD, CEO, POINT BioPharma
  • Katrina Pitas, General Manager & VP of Therapeutics, SHINE Medical Technologies
  • Mike Rossi, General Manager , Novartis (AAA & Endocyte)
  • Mona Wahba, MD, MSM, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, ITM

There will be no CE available for this webinar.

2/4/2021 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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