Flipped Learning: Ga68 PSMA Imaging - Pearls or Pitfalls?

Updated! SNMMI/ACNM Joint Webinar: Flipped Learning Session – Ga68 PSMA Imaging - Pearls or Pitfalls? 

Saabry Osmany, MD

Course Summary
This is intended as a case-base review of current literature and practice. The participants will have the opportunity to review questions before, during and after the presentation to improve assimilation and retention of the material.

Course Objectives
Have performed a recent review of literature on Ga68 PSMA imaging
Differentiate between malignancies and benign findings that are Ga68 PSMA-avid
Examine the  need to correlate with other imaging

Flipped Learning Pre-Session

The ACNM is once again providing a new methodology in adult learning.  This approach is referred to as, “Flipped Learning."  This means that you will have the opportunity to access a pre-session online activity in advance of the live webinar.  This online activity is designed to supplement and reinforce concepts that will be covered during the webinar.  The pre-session online activity presents participants with an initial exposure to the cases and points of discussion that will continue in the webinar allowing them to test their initial knowledge providing the opportunity for self-directed learning on these concepts. Anonymized data from the activity assessments and evaluation results may be used for research. 

Participation is free.  Earn CE credit and MOC Part II SAM credit by participating in both the online and live activities.    To access the online activity, click on this link: 


9/29/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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