Emerging Technology Session: Considerations (Non-CE)

SNMMI 2020  Annual Meeting - Emerging Technologies Session:  Considerations for Quantitative Preclinical PET/MRI  (NON-CE)
Sponsored by the SNMMI Center for Molecular Imaging Innovation and Translation

Alyssa Pollard, PhD

Course Summary
The purpose of this webinar is to describe the practical issues that need to be considered and evaluated when implementing and optimizing the performance of a PET/MRI system for small animal imaging studies.  In addition, this basic science presentation will demonstrate some advantages of preclinical PET/MRI that can lead to clinical translation.  The intended audience members are researchers considering this emerging technology as an imaging resource for their research programs, especially studies that emphasize the creativity offered through preclinical studies.  This course will relate to the attendees’ needs by demystifying considerations of PET (for MRI researchers) and MRI (for PET researchers) so that this emerging technology is approachable and well positioned for clinical translation.   

Course Objectives
To understand the practical issues to be considered when implementing a preclinical PET/MRI system
2. To learn how the creativity of preclinical PET/MRI can accelerate clinical translation
3. To consider characteristics of quantitative PET/MRI for preclinical studies

12/9/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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